Welcome to the AFDA Bridge!

Algebra, Functions & Data AnalysisThe Algebra, Functions & Data Analysis (AFDA) class at MSHS is designed to bridge the concepts taught in Algebra I with Algebra II. We use the Pearson Custom Publishing book titled (not surprisingly) Algebra, Functions, and Data Analysis.

The Student Notes and Objectives handouts I have developed, linked in the "Student Notes & Objectives" sidbar on the right and via each chapter's web page, are Microsoft Word imbeded files with Powerpoint graphics. I have noted the file size beside them for those still needing to use dial-up connections. Since this is a new class statewide, the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) objectives will be added after they have been released by the Virginia Department of Education.

Each chapter's web page, in the "AFDA Lessons" sidebar on the far right, includes links to my Powerpoint lessons used in class in conjunction with the student notes.

Note: Due to time constraints, I am most likely going to be posting the course materials throughout the school year as I get them ready for presentation in class for the first time. Please bear with me on this, and email me if you are seeking materials for a particular topic that hasn't yet been uploaded.