The Geometry Geodome

We use the Glencoe Mathematics book titled Geometry - Virginia Edition ©2005 (by multiple contributing authors) as our text.

The Student Notes and Objectives handouts I have developed, linked below and via each chapter's web page, are derived from the text and the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs). These files are Microsoft Word files with imbeded Powerpoint graphics. I have noted the file size beside them for those still needing to use dial-up connections.

Each chapter's web page includes links to my Powerpoint lessons used in class in conjunction with the student notes. I also include with each chapter links to Glencoe Mathematics' resources for extra examples and randomly-generated self-check quizzes, organized by lesson, as well as tests covering a single chapter and groups of chapters. The extra examples are RTF (Rich Text Format) files developed for use by any word-processing software.

The key to success in mathematics is practice-practice-practice, and I encourage all students to take advantage of these tremendous resources.

Geometry Book Chapters

  1. Lines and Angles (1,031K)

    Chapter 1 Lessons

  2. Reasoning and Proof (388K)

    Chapter 2 Lessons

  3. Unit 1 (Lines & Angles) WebQuest Internet Project:

    When is Weather Normal?

  4. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines (853K)

    Chapter 3 Lessons

  5. Congruent Triangles (1,519K)

    Chapter 4 Lessons

  6. Relationships in Triangles (993K)

    Chapter 5 Lessons

    Extra Credit: Exploring Triangle Centers - 100 points (41K)

  7. Proportions and Similarities (3,020K)

    Chapter 6 Lessons

    Extra Credit: Exploring Fractals - 100 points (34K)

  8. Right Triangles and Trigonometry (1,255K)

    Chapter 7 Lessons

    Extra Credit: Angles Word Problems - 100 points (36K)

  9. Unit 2 (Triangles) WebQuest Internet Project:

    Who is Behind this Geometry Idea, Anyway?

  10. Quadrilaterals (1,339K)

    Chapter 8 Lessons

  11. Transformations (1,382K)

    Chapter 9 Lessons

  12. Circles (1,885K)

    Chapter 10 Lessons

  13. Areas of Polygons and Circles (1,477K)

    Chapter 11 Lessons

  14. Unit 3 (Quadrilaterals & Circles) WebQuest Internet Project:

    Scavenger Hunt

  15. Chapters 12 (Surface Area) and 13 (Volume; taught together - 1,903K)

    Chapter 12 & 13 Lessons

  16. Unit 4 (Area & Volume) WebQuest Internet Project:

    WWII Memorial Design

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