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Last updated 7 Aug 09

… and please enjoy the view! I thought this might be a nice change of pace from the standard "teachers' lounge" concept.

Glencoe Mathematics
Teachers' Resources

Last updated 9 Aug 2010

The following links relate to the Virginia editions of each Glencoe Mathematics textbook used at MSHS. Most of these links are not found on any other pages of my Math Mansion. If your class's textbook is not listed below, you may find it on Glencoe Mathematics' master list of Virginia Editions.

If you are visiting this site from outside our commonwealth, you can access your state's editions by starting at the Glencoe Mathematics home page.

  • Main Index for Algebra 1 ©2005
    • Extra Examples indexed by SOL
    • Self-Check Quizzes indexed by SOL
    • Standardized Test Practice Index (randomly selects a total of 20 questions from lessons for Chapter 1 through the chapter that you indicate)
    • Index of Vocabulary Review Activities by Chapter. Note: some activities requre installing a software plug-in to complete.
    • Index of BrainPops, 3-5 minute animated topical videos. Not all chapters are represented, and the videos are downloadable only for local display; you will have to be set up to project them to a larger screen for your entire class to enjoy.
    • Index of Data Updates, links to external sites for the purpose of obtaining the latest information pertaining to examples presented in the text.
    • Index of Potential Careers relating to the topics presented in each chapter.
  • Main Index for Algebra 2
  • Main Index for Geometry

Tests in PDF Format

Last updated 7 Mar 09

Here I plan to post links to PDF files containing Geometry, AP Statistics, and AP Calculus tests that I (with a lot of assistance from my wife) have developed and compiled from various sources, including previous years' Virginia SOL tests and released AP tests.

These test questions are typed into ExamView test banks, and then subset tests are randomly generated, mixing questions from different years. This helps to solve the problem of students downloading single-year released test answers, because they will have to spend more time hunting through many years' worth of tests to find each problem's answer than it would have taken them to simply work out the answer on their own. (In theory, at least…)

I will let you develop your own answer keys.

Recently we learned that our 3-in-1 printer can create multi-page PDF files, so please check back often to see what new resources I have posted for you.

ExamView Test Banks

Last updated 7 Mar 09

Some of my tests I generate using ExamView software, which I received free with my Geometry and Calculus books. I plan to post my banks here as time permits.

The version I use, 6.2.1, employs an excellent data-compression algorithm, which creates test-bank files that are at least an order of magnitude smaller than those created under earlier versions of ExamView, making the process of sharing banks extremely efficient.

The only downside is that if you have an earlier version of the ExamView software, you will have to upgrade before being able to open my banks. Please stay tuned…