This was my wife's idea…

Last updated 9 Aug 2010

… because anyone who really knows me knows that the word "vanity" ranks just about last in my vocabulary!

My Family

Last updated 8 Mar 09

My mother's family hails from Smyth and Grayson counties, and I have family scattered all over Southwestern and Northern Virginia. The town of Headlee Heights, Pennsylvania (and Greene County in general) pinpoints my dad's family.

My wife of a jillion years helps me with school chores -- creating & managing test banks, grading the occasional test, totally destroying…oops, I mean redesigning this web site -- as well as compiling the statistics for the MSHS JV Softball Team.

My grown son lives in Richmond and helps me with video projects as his schedule permits. My growing-up-too-fast daughter still lives at home at the present time. She is a tremendous help to me on the sidelines for softball (though starting this year she hopes to play), she grades tests on occasion, and often helps me make cookies for my students & athletes.

I am very grateful to all my family members for their valuable assistance & support!

My Background & Hobbies

Last updated 8 Mar 09

I graduated from Oakton High School of Fairfax, Virginia, earned my undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree (double-majoring in Math and Operations Research) from the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), and spent the next 20 years serving as a USAF officer. During that period, the Air Force was kind enough to send me to graduate school at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), where I earned my Master of Science degree in Operations Research.

Following completion of my MS, the Air Force transferred me back to USAFA, where I taught in the Math Department for five years, mainly Freshman Calculus, and Statistics. I still have many friends and colleagues at USAFA and am always happy to write letters of recommendation for my students who are interested in pursuing an appointment to any of the service academies.

My Air Force career, along with the job I held for the first five years following retirement, has given me a strong background in computers. As a newly-minted lieutenant, I became an expert with the Internet's grandaddy, the military ARPANet, many years before the advent of Al Gore and his ludicrous claim that he had invented the Internet. And I helped oversee the original "paperless office" project that eventually gave birth to the Microsoft commercial software suite we all know and love…or is that "love to hate?" Decades later, America's offices still are not 100% paperless; go figure.

As you might have already guessed, if you have visited my Rec Room, I have a tremendous interest in sports, having played, referreed and coached for many decades.

Played Referreed/Umpired Coached
Baseball Baseball Baseball
Football Flag Football Flag Football
Volleyball Volleyball (USVBA provisional regional referree) Football
Slow-pitch Softball Volleyball (USVBA certified regional scorekeeper) Fast-pitch Softball
Basketball   Basketball