Welcome to the Headlee Kitchen!

This page always will be a work-in-progress as I add my favorite recipes, many of which I bring to school from time to time, either for potluck events or as treats for the great performances of my students & athletes.

Feel free to print out and use these recipes as you wish. Most of them are adapted to the page from several years' worth of "add some of this and some of that" type of cooking or baking, so please email me with your comments & questions.

Remember always to use safe practices in your kitchen, such as turning off the oven and all range burners as soon as you're finished, and ... enjoy!

Page last updated 12 Aug 2010

Main Dishes:
Beef Enchiladas | Breakfast Burrito | Chili-Cheeseburgers | Chili-Less Chili | Seafood Stew | Steak & Peppers |

Side Dishes:
Headlee Beans

Victory Cookies!