The Algebra I Alley

Algebra I Text

We use the Virginia Edition of the Glencoe Mathematics book titled Algebra 1 as our text.

In addition to the PowerPoint-format lessons and MS Word student-notes files I have developed, each chapter contains links to the tremendous wealth of information posted on the Glencoe Virginia Mathematics web site for Algebra 1, including extra examples (1-2 page PDF files), Parent & Student Study Guides (1-page PDF files), randomly-generated Online Self-Check Quizzes by individual lesson and practice tests by chapter, vocabulary review activities by chapter, and WebQuest Internet Projects organized by unit (links given below).

If you have any questions, please email me.

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Unit 1, Expressions & Equations
WebQuest Internet Project "You're Only as Old as You Feel" Unit 2, Linear Functions
WebQuest Internet Project "The Spirit of the Games"
  • Chapter 4: Graphing Relations & Functions
  • Chapter 5: Analyzing Linear Equations
  • Chapter 6: Solving Linear Inequalities
  • Chapter 7: Solving Systems of Linear Equations & Inequalities
Unit 3, Polynomials & Nonlinear Functions
WebQuest Internet Project "Out of This World" Unit 4, Radical & Rational Functions
WebQuest Internet Project "Building the Best Roller Coaster" Unit 5, Data Analysis
WebQuest Internet Project "America Counts!"

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